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DRQ S.A. is a professional, stable high-tech company. We develop large IT projects for the telecoms, media, financial, government, and corporate sectors. We specialize in custom software development. Our software — large and complex IT systems customized to our clients’ individual needs, integrates with their IT infrastructure. A wide range of our employees’ competencies guarantees that we always use the latest, optimal technologies to create our software. We are also open to our clients’ individual technology preferences. To top up our offer, we also provide service agreements and system “hosting” solutions. Those agreements give our clients guarantee of stable, uninterrupted access to the systems we developed. DRQ S.A. offers specialized, high-quality and reliable services and products. We have several years’ worth of experience in the market. Our company has been operating since 1987, formerly under the doctorQ name.

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Software Mind is a modern, global software house. We specialize in delivery of high-quality IT products and services. We offer our services to the clients from the telecommunication, financial, banking, and SMB sectors, whose businesses rely on a solid foundation of very sophisticated software. The range of services Software Mind provides includes development of dedicated IT solutions, management and planning of software production processes, as well as quality and technology audits.

By offering global consulting services, Software Mind develops pioneer projects using, among other things, innovative contextual data analysis technologies based on the concept of the Semantic Web, artificial intelligence tools and massive-volume transactional systems. Thanks to direct cooperation with the clients using advanced technology and unique knowledge, Software Mind creates dedicated products that support business relations.

Working for demanding clients, the company focuses on realization of non-standard projects, whose success is guaranteed thanks to the specialist knowledge, flexible approach to cooperation, high quality of provided solutions, and non-standard project financing models.

Software Mind has a clearly-defined qualities and vision of growth: People, Quality, Products, Innovations, Transparency. The Software Mind team is made of specialists educated at prestigious Polish universities, whose potential has been proven by their successes in
international programmer’s contests.

Company offices:
Main office ? Kraków, Poland Sales and Consulting Office ? Warszawa, Poland
R&D offices: ? Nice, Italy; Technology Park Sophia Antipolis, France; Lvov, Ukraine
Sales and Marketing Office ? London, Great Britain



Sabre Holdings is the leader of the world travel market selling travel products and offering distribution and technological solutions for the travel industry. Following our motto, we connect people through the best solutions in the world of travel, we made innovation the basis of our operations. In 2000 our company had established presence in Poland. Today, Centrum Rozwoju Sabre (Sabre Development Center) in Kraków, Poland employs approx. 300 world-class programmers, who create software for over 200 airlines, 50 000 travel bureaus and over million users of travel portals, such as travelocity.com or lastminute.com. The company provides excellent work environment, career development, and a chance to work with colleagues from all over the world in one of the most interesting and exciting sectors of IT. New challenges, travel opportunities, constant skill development, and a chance to work with the latest technologies are only the beginning of what the Sabre Development Center in Kraków can offer its employees.

Bea Systems

BEA Systems is a world leader in the field of infrastructure software. BEA delivers software for over 16 000 mid-size and large clients all over the world. BEA’s goal is to help businesses evolve their existing software solutions towards an open, flexible infrastructure, based on advanced, proven internet technologies.
BEA, Weblogic, and Tuxedo are among the most recognized and valued brands among technology products. BEA works with over 1600 partners all over the world, including the leading providers of integration services and software developers.

The most important BEA products are:

  • BEA WebLogic Platform ? an integrated platform for development and management of advanced internet applications, application integration, and automatizing of business processes. It also helps to create internet portals delivering personalized content and services,
    including mobile portals.
  • BEA AquaLogic - the most universal product suite that supports development of service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure.

BEA also creates solutions oriented towards specific needs of the telecommunication, financial, industrial, logistics, and public administration sectors. For example, BEA WebLogic Communications Platform is the first software platform for building integrated IT and telecommunication services that allows the telecommunication companies to increase profits via fast development and deployment of advanced multimedia IP telecommunication services, digital content delivery, video, internet telephony (”voice-over-IP”), and enhancement of existing internet applications with voice communication (”click-to-call”), on the basis of existing fixed and wireless networks.


Infolet Sp z o.o. offers specialist personnel recruitment and leasing services for the IT sector. The company is serving the needs of all types organizations, from small companies to international corporations. We operate in Poland and Western Europe. Our offer includes part-time and full-time positions.


Altkom Akademia S.A. is one of the leading providers of complete IT solutions and the largest IT educational company in Poland. We have been offering our services to medium and large businesses, in Poland and abroad, since 1988. Our offer includes the following services:
software development and consulting, IT project monitoring, design, integration, IT systems and network management (IT outsourcing), IT training, software maintenance.

Altkom employs hundreds of highly-skilled employees in seven offices in Warszawa, Kraków, Katowice, Poznań, Wrocław, Gdynia and Łódź. One of the distinct features of Altkom’s offer is our ability to quickly set up teams of engineers from various fields who can offer their knowledge of a wide variety of technologies, such as Linux, Unix, Novell, Oracle, Microsoft, Lotus, Java, VERITAS, Tivoli, HP OpenView, CAD/CAM, etc. Our competence have been proven by more than 350 professional certificates and over 30 manufacturer’s authorizations.

Deep theoretical and practical knowledge of our team of specialists combined with their ability to share it and put it into practice let us offer top-notch services and successfully deliver complex projects.

From the time the company was established in 1988, Altkom has a firm policy of working together with the top international IT providers. We value our independence, which allows us to be an objective provider of services to our clients.


Motorola is the world leader in the fields of wireless and broadband communications, as well as automotive electronics. It is a global corporation guided by the idea of ethical commercial activities and introduction of innovative technologies, which make things “smarter” and provide for a better living. The first car radio (1928), the first mobile radio (1937), the first pager (1948), or the first, fully transistorized mobile HT200 radio are only some of Motorola’s achievements.
The dynamic development and growing needs of the Polish market in respect of radio communications, information technology and telecommunications foster quick development of Motorola in Poland. For twelve years, Motorola has been expanding the range of its activities. In addition to the provision of world-class products and services to the Polish customers, the strategy of Motorola in Poland consists in the development of cooperation with Polish science and business partners. Core elements of that strategy include cooperation with Polish universities, suppliers, as well as modern technology investment projects.
In Kraków, one of 20 Motorola’s software centers in the world, we hire more than 800 employees. Since 1998 we have been designing and writing software for infrastructure elements of mobile phone networks under CDMA and UMTS standards, for public security systems, and for the most recent generation of mobile phones. We are participating in the implementation of Motorola’s new vision, called the “Seamless Mobility” that is going to alter the way all wireless equipment is used and operated. For several years, we have been creating software for wireless communication systems under the TETRA standard.

We have collaborated for a number of years with academic and scholarly environments, by offering grants, furnishing school laboratories, or arranging for students’ summer internship courses. We help to develop the huge potential of students. We try to provide young, talented people with the opportunity to work on international projects. Our partners include, among others, the University of Mining and Metallurgy, the Jagiellonian University, the Polytechnic of Kraków, and the Polytechnic of Wrocław.


The IBM is the largest IT company globally, second only in size to all other global Software companies combined. IBM is the market leader in providing support and innovative solutions to business globally for over 80 years. IBM?s main task is to provide a large range of consulting in both IT & hardware solutions across all areas. The mission, a part of the ‘’On demand Business IBM'’ strategy, is to deliver effective services in business and technology areas, industry-oriented solutions implemented for individual business needs.

December 2005 saw the inauguration of IBM?s Software Laboratory in Krakow. This is the first software center in Central and Eastern Europe. Its main task is to implement software products using leading edge processes and technologies. To deliver effective Lab services leveraging strong skills with access to specialized knowledge, building integrated industry-oriented solutions with flexible and efficient approaches. The IBM Software Laboratory in Krakow joined 40 other IBM software centers globally. The Krakow Software Lab employs around 120 software engineers , IT professionals and it is growing rapidly. The main part of the IBM Krakow Lab’s activity is development of Tivoli products, throughout modern technology and innovations. It makes the IBM Software Solutions Laboratory in Krakow a great place to work where passions and hobbies are integrated into employees daily work.